Top 10 Design Styles for a Beautiful Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the, if not the, space in your home where you spend the most time. Maybe you’re tired of your bedroom looking like a four-walled white box. Or maybe you have just found a seremban house for sale, but its interiors look like it came out of the 1980s. Here’s your daily dose of design and décor to point you in the right direction of a well-thought out bedroom style.

1. Eclectic
Expect the unexpected when it comes to eclectic design. Use a variety of different colors, patterns and textures in your design, but remember to keep it cohesive when combined together. Find a focal point that ties everything together. This can be in the form of the texture, or the color. For example, mix linen curtains with velvet accents, while keeping it all cohesive with splashes of different shades bright blue mixed in here and there. Or, you can dress up your room with a funky chandelier but keep the combinations of textures in milder hues.

2. Cottage
Casual and inviting is the key for successful cottage style design. Nothing is cozier than a cottage-style bedroom. Technically, cottage style isn’t really a design style. Rather, it’s an approach to decorating that eschews the luxury and fancy-schmancy for the shabby chic and repurposed cast-offs. Make your own bedside lamp by repurposing some wood from your yard.

3. Mediterranean
Mediterranean style focuses on texture and colors to create an exotic atmosphere. Whether it is an aquatic palette echoing the beaches of Greece or the use of radiant textiles originating form Morocco, the style is warm and inspiring. Think of intricately carved furniture and romantic textiles with unexpected pops of color. Imagine a beautiful purple ceiling amid a room with intricate parquet and mosaic floors in combination with a collage of dark wood pieces.

4. Romantic
Rest and relax with some regal romance by using a combination of soft hues and delicate fabrics. Evoke the romantic style by incorporating an ornate headboard, or white draperies. Keep the color palette bright and light to bring in soft, more feminine touches to your bedroom. Balance the femininity with a beautiful carved dresser to make your romantic bedroom a blend of feminine and masculine.

5. Contemporary
Characteristics of the contemporary bedroom are sleek furniture, solid colors and modern accessories. The color palette is mostly neutral, with dashes and pops of color spread out here and there. Furniture should have clean lines and modern angles.

6. Asian
Aspire to acquire some design influence from the East. Incorporate pieces with an oriental flourish, such as a lacquered console or even some Japanese shoji screens. These warm-hued, nature-inspired pieces will add a sense of calm and serene in your bedroom. However, do remember that the key to successful Asian design is not just by incorporating a few pieces, but it is in the balance and harmony that your décor brings.

7. Coastal
Combine well-worn natural textiles, muted colors and light fabrics to give your bedroom a coastal style. You don’t need to live near the coastline to be able to enjoy the casual and carefree vibe of the beach. Keep the color palette cool with some nautical-inspired décor. You can also consider giving your plain white ceilings a striped treatment, or even add a bamboo ceiling fan give your bedroom a touch of that coast factor.

8. Modern
Minimalism is the epitope of the modern design style. You can achieve this by mixing minimal décor and a neutral color palette to enhance the modernity of your bedroom. Keep furniture streamlined with strong clean angles and single colored hues. You can also add in some geometry-inspired motifs and architectural details for a true modern design.

9. Old World
Old at heart? No problems! Old world style is just the thing you need to give your bedroom a luxurious and regal look. Incorporate some English and European antiques with a background of neutral colors. Add warmth to the room with warm woods and matte honed finishes. Think about ornamental wrought-iron details, such as in the headboard or lighting fixtures, to bring some old-world influence to your bedroom. Other key elements you can explore include: ceiling beams, intricate wall sconces and textured walls.

10. Traditional
Timelessness is one of the benefits of having a traditional bedroom. It will stand the test of time and never go out of style! Think about intricate architectural elements such as crown molding and wall paneling. The furniture should be classic: think carved wooden furniture in warm hues and upholstered armchairs.

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