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Renting an apartment? Consider breaking these rules

Often, the atmosphere in the apartment affects one’s spirits and moods. A well-decorated house will always warm your heart every time you get home. On contrary, a poorly done house may only serve to give you feelings of loneliness. As a homeowner, it is easy to pimp in money to get the house decorated to your taste. Not so with a rented apartment. However, some rules are meant to be broken even when you are a renter. However small or little the changes are, you can still make a grand improvement for your studio apartment for rent in KL
Renting an apartment? Consider breaking these rules

The Walls

Some landlords will not allow tenants to repaint walls. They prefer having the same uniform color on the entire apartment building. But, there are those who do no mind, as long as you repaint it in the original color when moving out. Much as this is welcome, it might be financially constraining for some people. What you can do instead is use wall hangings, wallpaper, wall borders and photos on the wall. Wallpaper is really cool as it will give a totally new wall finishing and here are some really awesome ideas for you to start with. With wall hangings and photos, you can cover up the really worn out portions of the wall without making it obvious what you are trying to do. They will look like elegant wall decorations and no one will ever know the state of the wall beneath them.

Enhance the look of your floor

Use area rugs to enhance the look on your floor. Area rugs can also be used for purposes other than covering the floor. You can embrace tapestry style by hanging an area rug on the wall. Such a rug will not only add visual effect, it will muffle noise from outside. The thicker the rug, the more noise it will absorb. Consider them a worthy investment as you can take them with you whenever you move houses. 

You can also hang the area rugs on the walls for a really chic look. Use whatever pattern you want here – either hang them in a pattern on two walls or put them up in one wall. Vary the height from which you hang each area rug for a classy look.The really nice thing about using area rugs to decorate your apartment is that when you move out, you can take the rug with you.

Light Fixtures

Drab overhead lighting can sometimes make a room look cold and, well, apartment-like. Use floor and table lamps to add warmth to your rental apartment and make it feel more like home. If the overhead fixtures are particularly heinous, consider purchasing something better. The side lamps and glaring chandeliers could be installed to add fun to your apartment. In addition to the lights, other decorative items like artificial trees could act as a warm surprise to your guests. It also tends to illuminate and decorate your apartment, at the same time enhancing the seasonal spirit. Carefully wrap and store the original fixture and replace it when you leave.

Hang up artwork

Art does not have to cost a lot of money. You may want to look for economical but beautiful prints online or at your local art shop. You can even create your own inspirational board by pulling out beautiful pictures out of magazines or printing pictures if you want. Take advantage of low-priced frames and then hang the prints up. You can make the prints more pretty by matching different frame sizes and styles. If rules of the apartment do not allow you to put nails on the wall, you may want to buy other removable glue or gum for hanging the art. Before you head out to buy your items, make sure you consult a few websites and magazines for inspiration.

Use a room divider to create separate rooms

Some apartments may not have separate bedrooms. If that is what your apartment looks like then can try making use of a room divider. You can make one from a few planks of wood, a cardboard, and some castors. It is a good idea to close off your sleeping area as this gives you a place to retire to where other people are not allowed unless you personally invite them that is. If you have a window in this area of the apartment then get some drapes or blinds that will blend in with your beddings.

Kitchen remodeling

If you are letting an apartment and you would like to have a kitchen remodeling, you would want to speak to your landlord first. You may need to have a good reason as to why you are requesting to remodel the kitchen. Chances are that you don’t the way that it looks will not be a good enough reason.

One reason is if your kitchen is in inadequate shape. For instance, if your cupboard doors are not working, if the lights are not as bright as they should be, or if your kitchen floor has broken tiles, your landlord may allow you to do a little bit of remodeling. Though the remodeling may not be a huge project, it just might be enough to get you just what you wanted.


Hang mirrors

Mirrors make very beautiful decorations for apartments. Not only do decorate your space but also they also tend to make a little space look larger. You can hang one large mirror in your living room area or else group several small mirrors together. Mix two small mirrors or even one with the prints or artwork that you have already hung. You can get the best deals on mirrors by searching online or even at your local retail stores.


Bathroom renovation

There are landlords who can actually allow you to do a full bathroom renovation. Detailed preparation and comparing rates of different suppliers of bathroom items would make sure that you achieve the best result in your bathroom that fulfills all your needs and also squeezes in your budget. Plan out every aspect including the fixtures, setup and color combination before you start the actual renovation. Select lighting that makes it easy for you to perform activities like shaving and putting on make-up. Safety aspects should also be considered at the time of selecting fixtures. For instance, the shower area and the bathtub must have floors that avert slipping, while the electrical equipment should not be near any water outlet.


Decoration ideas for rental units may be tricky because you are only renting the apartment, as opposed to buying a house or condo. For this reason, you should consider inexpensive and lightweight furniture that can be moved easily or gotten rid of quickly to move to your next apartment. Lastly, you may want to look for a professional contractor and designer to do your decoration and renovation.

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